Rape and sexual assault

The rape of a minor over 15 years old is punished with 15 years in prison. Sexual molestation is punished with 5 years of imprisonment in the same case.
If the victim is under the age of 15, rape is punishable by 20 years and molesting by 10 years imprisonment and a fine of €150,000.

Sentences are also heavier, particularly in the case of:
Sexual offense committed by an ascendant, a person having legal or de facto authority over the victim or abusing the authority conferred to him by his duties, use of a weapon or an offense committed by several persons.

Furthermore, a sexual offense against a minor committed abroad by a French national or a person usually living in France is punishable by the French courts.

What can we do for:
Minor assaulted or sexually abused.
A minor victim of acts of pedophilia or sexual assault has special protections.

Targeted Acts
The law punishes in particular:

Rape, which involves sexual penetration.
Molestation when there is no penetration.
Sexual propositions, whatever their content, made via the Internet by a adult to a minor of less than fifteen years (on a “chat”, a social network …).
Corruption of minors, for example if a person of full age makes particularly offensive remarks against a minor, even more than fifteen years of age, during exchanges on the Internet, a crime more serious than the simple sexual proposition.
The use of an underage prostitute.