The best way to protect yourself again HIV and STI’s is to wear a condom during felatio and a condom with a water base lubricant during intercourse.

The condom is the only contraceptive method that protects against HIV and STD’s.

ATTENTION: Local spermicides (spray, gel and ovules) do not protect against STI’s.


STI’s are easily transmitted. Often there are no visible signs.
To know whether or not you have contracted an STI, it is important to get tested.

To get tested for STI’s and HIV :
Consult your doctor or

in specialized centres: CeGIDD (Free Center of Information, Tracking and Diagnosis of the Infections with HIV, STI and viral hepatites) – free Consultations and tests.

In Saint-Martin :

in the Health centre/CeGIDD of ASSOCIATION Les Liaisons Dangereuses, call the 0590 87 01 17 in Marigot (behind the Catholic church)

at Hospital L.C Fleming at Concordia

Some advice in case of infection

Most STI’s don’t heal alone.

Inform you partner.
It is important for you and your partner to get tested, to prevent the risk of re-infection.

Do not treat yourself.
Do not use ointments, disinfectants or antibiotics without consulting a doctor.

Follow your treatment until the end.
For effective treatment the dose and duration of the prescribed treatment must be respected.