Means of Contraception

Contraceptive methods will allow you to live your sexuality responsibly and freely. There are several of them. One of them will certainly suit you.

Hormonal contraceptives
This type of contraception works by releasing hormones in the body that function to prevent ovulation.
The contraceptive pill: It is in the form of a plate containing 21 tablets.
The implant: It is in the form of a small stem of 3 to 4 cm which is placed under the skin of the arm.
The patch: It is a square of 4 cm of side that sticks on the skin.
The vaginal ring: It is in the form of a flexible and transparent ring.
Contraceptive injection: It is an injection of hormones that occurs at regular intervals. It is effective 12 weeks.

Intrauterine devices
The IUD: It is a small plastic stem that is placed in the uterus. It will prevent the fertilized egg from attaching itself to the uterus.
It can be hormonal or copper.

The barrier methods
The condom: it is a latex membrane that we place on the erect penis just before intercourse.
The female condom: it is a latex membrane with a ring at each end. It is placed in the vagina.
The diaphragm: It is in the form of a rubber dome, placed at the bottom of the vagina. Unlike the condom, the diaphragm can be used several times.
Spermicides: they are in the form of a cream, a gel, a pad or a sponge.
Spermicides are chemical compounds that will kill sperm.

The Condom – Protects me from everything
Unwanted pregnancies.