Sexual Intercourse

It is to make love: the sexual intercourse passes through several stages, the seduction, the desire, the excitement, the preliminaries, and the sexual act.

Excitement for girls

In the girl, during a sexual arousal, the vulva changes and moistens.

The fact of not “wetting” can be the consequence of a rushed intercourse.

This can also be due to worrying, anxiety, stress, fatigue, alcohol and tobacco.

Excitement for boys

Excitement in boys is characterized by erections.
It is possible to see a liquid lighter than sperm flowing during an erection. This is the pre-seminal fluid. It is a natural lubricant.

Erections can be difficult under certain circumstances:
– After excessive use of alcohol, drugs.
– When we are afraid of not being up to the task, of enjoying too quickly, of provoking a pregnancy.

The sexual act

How do we make love?
There are many ways to make love.
Everyone can discover the ways that suit them best.
Fellatio is not a necessity.

The importance is for both persons to be willing. The limits being desire and respect.

Be careful with your partner’s age:
Compliance with the law.