Definition: The virus of the human immunodéficience (HIV) is a retrovirus
which attacks the cells of the defense system of our body
and destroys them or makes them ineffective.


Possible signs: Rash, fever, fatigue, diarrhea, often none.

Appearance of signs: From 15 days following contamination.

Diagnostic: by blood test.

Severe complications if not treated: possible evolution to AIDS, risk of contaminating the newborn if the mother is infected.


HIV and Post Exposure Treatment (P.E.T.)

In case of risk-taking (unprotected sex, breaking of the condom with a partner whose HIV status is positive or unknown) the post exposure treatment reduces the risk of HIV contamination.

Go to the nearest emergency room as soon as possible (at best 24 hours or at latest 48 hours after) with your partner if possible. A doctor will evaluate the need to prescribe a treatment.

P.E.T. reduces the risks of contamination but does not completely eliminate it.

HIV and PREP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis)

PREP is a method of prevention. It is intended for an uncontaminated person who does not systematically use a condom during sexual relations and who is at high risk of contracting HIV. (Risk groups)

How does it go?
It is a question of even taking a drug which reduces, prevents, the risk to contract the AIDS at the time of the sexual relations.

Where to obtain it?
Certain health care institutions have a consultation dedicated to the PREP.

In SAINT-MARTIN, this drug can be obtained after a consultation with the Service of the External Consultations of Hospital L.C. Fleming in Concordia or the Health centre/CeGIDD of Association Les Liaisons Dangereuses, at Marigot.

ATTENTION: the PREP does not protect from the contamination of other STI.