Puberty is when the body & the head gradually become that of an adult.
Under the influence of the brain, the body receive a “hormonal rush

What Changes in My Head?

When the body changes, it is also in the head that changes occur.
Aggression, boredom, sudden passions, revolt…
My character and my desires change.
Growing up makes you want to know everything, surpass yourself and sometimes take risks.

In friendship and love, engaging one’s body and / or heart in a relationship, is perhaps taking risks morally and physically, feeling good and sometimes bad.
Accepting changes takes time and a lot of energy.

Relationships change at home and towards others.
Love, friendships.
Conflicts (Parents, brothers and / or sisters, friends…).
Challenges encourage growth.

What changes in my Body:

– Height
– Voice
– Breasts
– Buttocks
– Sex
– Penis
– Hair
– Sweat
– Skin